Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap is a smartphone app to aid with social distancing. It can measure the distance between devices over 2 meters away, and alert users if someone comes close.

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Imperial College London Rocketry (ICLR)

Imperial College London Rocketry (ICLR) is a new aero department society that I founded with Will and Sena in my sophomore year. He and Sena built up the society during my junior year (when I was away on exchange) but I resumed with the project when I got back in my senior year. I was one of the co-leads with Will, Sena, and Shreeyam, and am in charge of the Systems and Integration team and the Simulations and Controls team.

We are building a scratch-built hybrid rocket using Paraffin and Nitrous Oxide. It is designed to carry a 8.8 lb (4 kg) payload to an altitude of 10,000 ft, as required by the Spaceport America Cup.

The project had to wind down due to Covid-19, but the new leads are continuing the project!

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While openRocket is the standard hobbyist rocket design and analysis tool, its built in Java and has limitations when it comes to easily extending the software.

I have begun building a open-source model rocket simulator in Python, calling it rocketPy.

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ELDER Satellite Design Project

As part of the Spring 2019 Space Systems Engineering capstone (16.83) at MIT, I designed a mission to Enceladus, Saturn.

Our advisor, Prof Dava Newman, gave us this very open-ended challenge (in fact we had to pick our destination too).

I designed our missions trajectory, and either sized or selected off-the-shelf spacecraft components.

Our design review slides are here, the spacecraft design teams final report is here and the trajectory report is here.