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  • CDC 2024 (under review)
    Multi-Agent Clarity-Aware Dynamic Coverage with Gaussian Processes
    Devansh Agrawal, Dimitra Panagou
    (pdf) (bib)

  • ICRA 2024
    Eclares: Energy-Aware Clarity-Driven Ergodic Search
    Kaleb Ben Naveed, Devansh Agrawal, Christopher Vermillion, Dimitra Panagou
    (pdf) (bib)

  • Annual Reviews in Control 2024
    Advances in the Theory of Control Barrier Functions: Addressing practical challenges in safe control synthesis for autonomous and robotic systems
    Kunal Garg, James Usevitch, Joseph Breeden, Mitchell Black, Devansh Agrawal, Hardik Parwana, Dimitra Panagou
    (link) (pdf) (bib)


  • IROS 2023
    gatekeeper: Online safety verification and control for nonlinear systems in dynamic environments
    Devansh Agrawal, Ruichang Chen, Dimitra Panagou
    (link) (pdf) (bib)

  • L-CSS and CDC 2023
    Sensor-based Planning and Control for Robotic Systems: Introducing Clarity and Perceivability
    Devansh Agrawal and Dimitra Panagou
    (link) (pdf) (bib)


  • L-CSS and CDC 2022
    Safe and robust observer-controller synthesis using control barrier functions
    Devansh Agrawal and Dimitra Panagou
    (link) (pdf) (bib)

  • L-CSS and ACC 2022
    A Constructive Method for Designing Safe Multirate Controllers for Differentially-Flat Systems
    Devansh Agrawal, Hardik Parwana, Ryan K Cosner, Ugo Rosolia, Aaron D Ames, Dimitra Panagou
    (link) (pdf) (bib)


  • CDC 2021
    Safe Control Synthesis via Input Constrained Control Barrier Functions
    Devansh Agrawal and Dimitra Panagou
    (link) (pdf) (bib)


  • ArXiv
    Mind The Gap: Real-time Decentralized Distance Estimation using Ultrasound and Bluetooth across Multiple Smartphones
    Devansh Agrawal, Peter Lyon, Martin Frobisher, Andy Doherty, Ben Allen, Freddie Rawlins
    (link) (pdf) (bib)


  • Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
    Higher thrust-to-power with large electrode gap spacing electroaerodynamic devices for aircraft propulsion
    Haofeng Xu, Nicolas Gomez-Vega, Devansh Agrawal and Steven R H Barrett
    (link) (pdf) (bib)

  • AIAA Aviation 2019 Forum
    Wind Tunnel Testing of a Blown Flap Wing
    Devansh Agrawal, Faisal Asad, Blake M. Berk, Trevor Long, Jackson Lubin, Christopher Courtin, Mark Drela, R John Hansman and Jacqueline L. Thomas
    (link) (pdf) (bib)


  • Nature Biomed. Eng.
    Conformal phased surfaces for wireless powering of bioelectronic microdevices
    Devansh Agrawal, Yuji Tanabe, Desen Weng, Andrew Ma, Stephanie Hsu, Song-Yan Liao, Zhe Zhen, Zi-Yi Zhu, Chuanbowen Sun, Zhenya Dong, Fengyuan Yang, Hung Fat Tse, Ada S. Y. Poon & John S. Ho
    (link) (pdf) (bib)

    Subcellular electrical stimulation of neurons enhances the myelination of axons by oligodendrocytes
    Hae Ung Lee, Agata Blasiak, Devansh R. Agrawal, Daniel Teh Boon Loong, Nitish V. Thakor, Angelo H. All, John S. Ho, In Hong Yang
    (link) (pdf) (bib)